Wild Drop Spindle Spinning - Part 2

Wild Drop Spindle Spinning - Part 2


An outdoor experience of wild spindling on huge spindles (weather permitting) packing up our bags of fiber to be creative with, carding batts, and drop spindle into a basket, to spin either on our land here at Adleuon Seren, or off to the nearby woodland to enjoy a magical workshop spinning with big texture and exciting colour.

The huge spindles I make handle big yarns with lots of interesting detail and texture, we can get really creative with these spindles. Some even have bells attached to the spindle for a musical and magical spin :-)

You must already have plenty of experience spinning on a normal drop spindle to work with these big spindles!

You will need to bring, your normal sized drop spindle, carding batts, appropriate clothing & footwear, a blanket & cushion, and a flask for a hot drink.

A large variety of fiber is available for sale in the studio shop, and can be weighed out for your own bespoke creative fiber pack. Or if you have your own inspiring variety of fiber to bring, feel free to bring along your own.

If you love spinning on the big spindles, they are available to buy in the studio shop, each one is unique and one of a kind!


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