Creative Yarn Spinning - Part 2

Creative Yarn Spinning - Part 2


An exciting and inspiring workshop with Lea here in the art studio

Working creatively with yarn spinning, to create interesting and functional yarns, and ideas for ways to work with your finished yarns.

At the end of this workshop, take your beautiful yarns home with you and have stacks more fun creating things with them!

It is best to bring your own spinning wheel (in good working order) but I have a spare wheel available to use during the class for one student if you don't have your own yet.

There are lots of colours and variety of fibers available for sale in the studio shop, bespoke creative fiber packs can be weighed out for you during your workshop so that you have the freedom to work with me with colour and texture as part of your workshop.

*I advise booking at least 4 - 5 hours for this workshop.


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