Wet Felted Journals


Enjoy a lovely creative workshop learning how to make your own gorgeous textured wet felted journals
This workshop needs to be done over two days or a weekend, as a creativity retreat for daytime visitors or craft holiday for residential guests here at Adleuon Seren.

An exciting and inspiring workshop to encourage your creativity, working with colour, textures and design, with full support and guidance, so you can build confidence to be more creative with felting and textile art to create your very own one of a kind pieces. 

You don't need any artistic creative experience at all, they are made with easy felting techniques and suitable for complete beginners, or anyone who would like to get creative with felting and fiber art.
At the end of this wonderful workshop you will take your beautiful unique journals home with you.

For the kit with the felting fibers, embelishments, haberdashery & handmade paper included ~ £32 enough to make two medium/large size journals or four mini books (plus price of your session hours booked - £20 per hour) 


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