Creative Weaving & Wild Weaving

 Creative Weaving & Wild Weaving


A lovely rustic workshop learning different ways of weaving working with natural found branches and interesting treasures to add into your weaving, we can make minature weavings or wall hangings.

This workshop can be done indoors, or outdoors on the land here or at local woodland for a wild weaving experience, using branches and nature as a wild loom.

This workshop can be done in one day or over a weekend for a creative break (or two days midweek) for daytime visitors or residential guests.

An exciting and inspiring workshop to encourage your creativity, working with colour and texture, with full support and guidance, so you can build confidence to be more creative with crochet and textile art to create your very own one of a kind pieces. 

You don't need any artistic creative experience to do this workshop.
At the end of this wonderful workshop you will take your beautiful unique weavings or dreamcatchers home with you.

*I advise booking at least 5 - 6 hours a day workshop, or you could space the tuition hours over a two day craft holiday here and have relaxing free time inbetween here at Adleuon Seren, a beautiful & relaxing environment.

You can bring along your own yarns in a good variety of colours and textures you love, or you can get a gorgeous yarn colour pack in our studio shop £12 for 100g.

You will need to book a minimum of 4 hours to do this workshop.


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