Tribal Village Community Gatherings

Tribal Village Community Gatherings

A space for people to meet locally creating a stronger community together!

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Tribal Village Gatherings
At the gatherings.......
*We each bring along a dish of food to offer for a shared meal together, there will be tables and chairs to sit an eat as a little village.

We each bring along our own plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon, and take them home with us so that cleaning up is easy and there is enough plates and cutlery for everyone (also so that there is no throw away plates and cutlery/no waste)

*We can connect and make friends with new people.

*The children can play and make new friends.

*Anyone creative can bring along their own craft project ~ drawing, sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning, etc etc, there will be a crafting area for creative people to sit and craft and chat together.

*Swap shop ~ bring along you things you'd like to recycle/re-home, excess vegetables/fruit/herbs from the garden, or other things you'd like to share and offer to the community ~ please note that anything you bring for the swap shop which is not taken must be taken home with you at the end of the gathering.

*A sharing circle at the beginning of each gathering where anyone who would like to can share ideas with the rest of the group for a sustainable future, recycling ideas, food growing tips, share news of interesting local community events, things they'd like to freecycle, etc.

*A chance at the end of the sharing circle to quickly share with the group what you do locally ~ your skills/trade, classes, what you make/sell etc, or if you are looking for someone to do a job, so that we can create more community word of mouth for local trade and job opportunities.

*Community clean up ~ to work together to return the space to how it was at the start, before we leave ~ each do our turn to contribute, also make sure we take with us all of our belongings we came with.

*Donations each to supply tea and coffee and any excess after buying more tea/coffee will go to Survival International for help for tribal peoples to keep their lands ~

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