Lunches & Evening Meals

All food served here at Little Pentre is 100% organic, rustic home cooking freshly prepared from scratch, from high quality organic produce.

All of our ingredients here are wheat free (unless ordered with prior notice) processed sugar free, GMO free, healthy, tasty, and vegetarian wholefoods. 

Vegan and raw food options are also available.

We buy locally grown food wherever possible and love to support small local businesses.

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are seasonal and are never air freighted.

We grow fresh raw living sprouts here, and we grow whatever produce we can here in the garden, we also make our own fermented vegetables and raw pickles.


Because we buy all of our produce from a small local farm shop we need all meals to be pre-booked by the sunday before your visit so that we can make sure we have enough fresh food ordered for you.




All meals are £15 each and come with herbal tea or infused natural water.

Here is an idea of the kinds of meal of the day that are served here

(All meals are subject to availability)


*Raw and cooked salad platter of the day with a dip or pate

*Raw salad platter with fermented vegetables/sides

*Hearty quinoa salad & fermented vegetable sides

*Pate or houmous & tipi (flat) bread (wheat free) with green salad & dressing

*falafel with salad & houmous

*Ramen soup & salad (rice noodles)

*Baked sweet potato with feta salad

*Rootsy lentil stew & side salad

*butternut, spinach & feta salad

*Spiced chickpeas & brown rice

*Spinach & coconut soup with salad

*Dhal & brown rice with tipi (flat) bread (wheat free) & side salad

*Pakora & salads

*Hearty lentil salad & fermented vegetable sides

*Spiced potatoes mezze platter

*French lentil soup & salad

*Stuffed peppers & salad

*Raw soup & crackers with salad

*Raw pate or guacamole with crudite, crackers, & salad


Drinks Menu

Raw Cacao & Orange Smoothie - £4.50

Green Fruit & Veg Smoothie - £4.50

Green Super Juice - £4.50

Green Super Nut/Seed Milk Smoothie - £4.50

Mug Of Fresh Brewed Chai - £3.50

Golden Super Nut/Seed Milk ~ Turmeric - £4.50

Hot Chilli Chocolate Orange Love - £4.50

Herbal Fresh Brewed Infusions - £2.50

Chilled Infused Waters - £1.80

Fresh Brewed Hot Lemon Honey & Ginger - £3.50

Hot Nut/Seed Milk With Nutmeg & Honey - £3.80

Chilled Nut/Seed Milk ~ Vanilla, Strawberry or Raw Cacao - £4

Selection Of Herbal & Spiced Teas - £1.80


Sweet Treats Menu

Raw Banana Ice Cream ~ Vanilla, Strawberry or Raw Cacao - £4.50

Raw Chocolate Orange & Goji Brownie - £4.50

Energy Balls ~ Cacao Love, Carob, or Green Energy (x 3) - £4

Raw Chocolate (or Carob) Mousse - £4

Fresh fruit salad with pollen, coconut & dried berries - £4


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