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Handspun Yarn Workshops

Lea's Handspun Yarn Workshops Are Run Throughout the year in the Wild Creative Textiles garden studio here at Little Pentre, see below for the different spinning workshops available.

*Please join our mailing list to be kept posted about new dates.

*If you would like your own private group craft workshop or retreat please contact Lea.

*One to one private lessons are available for you or for you and a friend please contact Lea.


Beginner's Spinning 1 ~ Spinning From Scratch


Handspun Yarns 62Handspun Yarns 24


Beginner's Spinning 2 ~ Fun With Carding Fibers & Plying


Handspun Yarns 5Handspun Yarns 35


Art Yarns Part 1


Handspun Yarns 23Handspun Yarns Art Yarns Workshop Little Pentre Organic Eco Retreats 7Handspun Art Yarn Wool 3


Art Yarns Part 2


Handspun Yarns 14Handspun Art Yarn Tailspun Yarn Hand Dyed 3


Art Yarns Part 3


Handspun Yarns 21Handspun Yarns Art Yarns Workshop Little Pentre Organic Eco Retreats 11


Handspun Artisan Neckwear


Handspun Art Yarn Adornments 8Handspun Art Yarn Adornments 17Handspun Art Yarn Adornments 4Handspun Art Yarn Adornments 23




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