Assemblage Point

Assemblage Point Realignment with Luke


When the Assemblage Point is out of alignment we may feel unwell or anxious.

We may be lacking in energy and feel that life is constant struggle.

Any sudden or prolonged stress can shift the Assemblage Point off centre.

Events that may shift the Assemblage Point off centre include: 

• Emotional Trauma, • Violent Attack • Intimidation

• Accidents • Giving Birth • Drug Use (legal or illegal)
• Sudden Shock • Operations • Prolonged Illness


Benefits of having your Assemblage Point realigned are:
Creates an all-round sense of well-being, Increased energy levels,

You will feel more centered and clear minded, it will help shift emotional issues and can help lift depression.





This is one of the most powerful treatments I have ever received.  In 2011 after my Dad died I went for a treatment to get myself together and I was blown away by the results and the experience of the realignment.  Being experienced in energy work I simply had to learn more about the AP.  What I've do thexperienced is that Assemblage point realignment is a very effective and efficient form of healing.


If you wish to book an Assemblage point realignment and a 2 night stay in one of our rooms

then I will gladly do the realignment for half price.




Contact me on 01686 669893 or e-mail me:  

Treatment will take approximately 1 hour.  Investment £40

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